Built Right From The Start

"Carter and his team at Spectrum Builders are very knowledgeable, honest and dedicated to their craft. Recently, after a storm, they were extraordinary in their rush to first, cover my damage, and then to repair. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in hiring an honest and straight forward firm to add to, or to repair damage to their home."

Judy Puchalski

"Carter is responsive to your inquiries, accurate with his information and absolutely reliable when it comes to getting the job done well and quickly. Thanks Carter for the jobs you have done for me in the past and the jobs I will need you for in the future. I never met a contractor I really trusted and now I have."

Brandi Hayden

"Carter is the one choice for quality work… He is efficient and intuitively knows what the customer is looking for. His work is the highest quality I’ve seen in a long time!"

Scott Benjamin
Homeowner & Principal
Conceptual Imagery, LLC