Built Right From The Start

"After thoroughly inspecting the family home for necessary improvements and repairs, the team of inspectors pointed to needed repairs on the two-story barn, probably built around 1800 and neglected for at least 40 years. The barn has also served as home to large birds, assorted ground dwelling creatures, and occasionally the neighborhood fox.On their recommendation, I sent out an S.O.S. to Carter Joffe and Spectrum Builders, LLC. After removing the accumulated debris, Carter and his professional staff set to work restoring the historic building. They fixed broken doors and windows, strengthened and fortified the foundation, bolstered sagging walls and collar-tied the expanding ceiling. They also installed additional shelving and banisters. The workers were always professional and the site was always picked up before their leaving.  The price was more than fair and the results were excellent. Job well done. Thanks Carter!"